Benefits of MaGui Bagua

はてなブックマーク - Benefits of MaGui Bagua
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Benefits of MaGui Bagua馬貴派八卦掌傳播中心

Unique health and strength promotion

Through the basic circle-walking practice, we train the qi and blood, changing the Tendons and bones and eventually developing the whole body and the “dantian.” The training can be divided into three stages:

The first stage is after a basic level of training is achieved the qi, blood, tendons, bones, and meridians can be strengthened and changed. The body gradually becomes thicker, and more powerful. You can tell if someone has reached a basic level just by looking at his or her body-shape. The “dantian” becomes full, the vital organs revitalized and any diseases in the body will gradually disappear. People who are sickly and prone to illness can rebuild and recover their health. The body becomes robust and a person’s spirit becomes clear and strong.

The second stage is after years of training and a complete understanding is developed. At this level of training the body will become much stronger than what can be achieved through conventional exercise. External factors such as weather, environment, or diet will not influence the practitioner’s health. The body and spirit can change so much that the person will be almost unrecognizable when compared to their former self.

The third stage is when the highest level of Bagua is achieved. The body and “dantian” are completely developed. Once this level is achieved it will never be lost, regardless of age or lifestyle. Even during old age a practitioner of this level can still have the vitality and health of a young person.

Profound internal power training and unique martial arts techniques

Through the circle-walking practice, the body becomes rooted and firm, and the qi and breathing become very stable. Like a lion crouching, heavy, strong, and ready. The tendons and bones become united, and the qi and blood circulation becomes full and powerful. Helping you develop true real internal power. This then transfers to martial skill.

Through the circle walking and practice of the palms you develop Bagua’s unique fighting method. You study using the complete body structure and different angles to attack, and an evasive circular step to simultaneously attack and defend.

Attacking can be done at unexpected and indefensible angles, using the methods of drawing close to, drawing power from, crowding, leaning on, and taking advantage of the opponent’s weaknesses. You learn the principles of Contracting and Expanding, using small movements and softness to ensnare the opponent, combined with explosive full body power to over come the opponent. From the above principles a subtle and unique fighting system has been developed.

Exquisite body movements, body structure, and spiritual fulfillment


In our training we primarily concentrate on body structure and core principles. Every movement comes from basic principles, which combine the body with the mind with the spirit. Over time every posture has the stability and stillness of a sculpture.

The movements can be done in any direction on the horizontal and vertical planes, linking together so that the end of one movement becomes the beginning of the next, so that the end and the beginning are united and cooperative. A feeling of limitless expression can be felt throughout one’s practice. Bagua movements are light, simple and clear with the steps always hooking inward or outward. Within the basic structure the body and spirit can move freely.  Within the soft and slow movements lies a hard and strong power, within the free movements lies an artistic and expressive quality. The result is a beautiful art that combines martial arts movements with spiritual expression.

Profound cultural tradition

Bagua is a method of promoting health, martial arts, physical culture, and art. But to speak in broader terms, Bagua is the culmination of thousands of years of Chinese culture and tradition. It is a cultivation of the human spirit, a practical philosophy, an integrative intelligence – it is a way of life. If you begin to practice Bagua, you can develop the same kind of understanding as is described above.



Whole Life Experience

For those of you who love life and health, you should protect and take care of them. The best way to take care of them is Bagua.

For those who love art, the body can express the highest level of art through movement. Bagua is the culmination of thousands of years of physical culture.

For those who love the martial arts, Bagua is as limitless as the sky and as deep as the sea. Once you begin learning Bagua you will never want to stop, never be able to give it up.

For those who want to live a satisfying life, you cannot find anything better than Bagua, with Bagua you can sail through life like a Pegasus flying across the sky.

For those who want to really experience and understand life, Bagua is the culmination of thousands of years of Chinese philosophy and culture.    

Bagua has so many possibilities and so many different aspects if you choose to learn and practice Bagua it will become the most precious thing in your life.









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