Forth generation of Magui School

はてなブックマーク - Forth generation of Magui School
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Forth generation of Magui School馬貴派八卦掌傳播中心


Ma Gui School of Baguazhang’s fourth generation inheritor:

Li Baohua

I love martial arts, and although my body sometimes has to be doing other things, my heart and spirit have always been in the martial arts. In 1982 I started learning baguazhang from Shi Chongying and for ten years studied Ma Weiqi’s School of Baguazhang, Yang taijiquan, and Xingyiquan. From 1986 I studied the Cheng School of Baguazhang from Zhang Rongli.

Then in 1989 I had the greatest luck. I was introduced to Yu Zhiming, and began learning Ma Gui’s School of Baguazhang. I studied with him for seventeen years. Then because of his advanced age, he introduced me to Fan Yahua. I studied with Fan Yahua for two years, learning everything he could show me. Fan then in turn introduced me to Liu Wanchuan’s son-in-law Li Hao. After training with Li Hau for a time, then as before, I was introduced to my next teacher, Liu Wanchuan’s favourite apprentice, Li Lianchang. Since 2009 I have been studying with him.

Because I admire and respect the outstanding character of all of those in the previous generations, and their instructions, I try to follow their example by training hard, and with determination to seek the deepest skill level I can.

Year after year, I have trained baguazhang without daring to take a day off. I have yet to reach the level of the masters before me though. So I continue to train hard with the hope that I can reach their heights and skills, thereby honoring them in the way only a martial artist can.

Baguazhang is a treasure beyond value. Because of this I am faced with the responsibility of passing it on to future generations, to ensure its survival. I admire the masters who all lived long healthy lives and were able to transmit baguazhang to their students. I hope that I can be able to live as long and give to my students, as well as they did to theirs, and spread baguazhang throughout the world.

I have, however, already reached middle age and time is passing. I am worried that I might not be strong enough for this responsibility that I have been given. So I pray to the ancestors and I ask the older generation masters for their help. I ask for all that are on the same path to work together and help me in this wonderful enterprise. Only together can we ensure baguazhang survival. Please join me I know you won’t be disappointed.

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