FAQ 4) Health

はてなブックマーク - FAQ 4) Health
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FAQ 4) Health馬貴派八卦掌傳播中心

Q1.What are the principles of Bagua health promotion?

A.In fighting, Bagua has “8 counters”, which are among Bagua’s most precious secret techniques. In order to conceal these techniques, previous generations gave them these unremarkable names.

In terms of health promotion, Bagua secrets were similarly hidden. These are the 8 principles of Bagua health promotion:

Others practice external strength, while I practice internal strength.

Others seek strength in their arms, shoulders and chest, while I strengthen my back and empty my chest.

Others exercise their lungs and heart, while I exercise my spleen, liver and kidneys.

Others exercise to make their bodies strong, while I exercise to make my lower legs strong.

Others exercise their muscle, while I exercise my tendon and bone. When others practice their breathing is laboured and short, while I practice my breathing is calm and even.

Others practice to make their reactions quick, while I practice to extend and sharpen my awareness.

Others exercise their extremities, I exercise my spine.

Q2.I’m not that interested in fighting. Does Bagua have anything else to offer? Is it good for your health?

A.Bagua can bring you a deeper awareness of your life and health. Through Bagua you can study traditional Chinese culture, philosophy, history, and TCM; through Bagua you can increase your athletic ability, grasp the root principles of physical movement, and experience the art of movement.

Other than fighting ability, Bagua practice has eight incredible effects: a lightness of body, an improvement of figure, longevity, mental stimulation, and increased awareness.


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