Instructor and Teacher’s degrees

はてなブックマーク - Instructor and Teacher’s degrees
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Instructor and Teacher’s degrees馬貴派八卦掌傳播中心

Instructor’s degrees:


教练1级 教练2级 教练3级
教练4级 教练5级 教练6级
教练7级 教练8级

Level one Instructor, Level two Instructor, Level three Instructor, Level four Instructor, Level five Teacher, Level six Teacher, Level seven teacher, Level eight teacher.

The degrees show: 

1.The ability and level of each instructor. Qualification as a instructor indicates both the physical level of performance and the intellectual understanding of the skills and theories of baguazhang.

2.The amount of MGBG that each instructor has. It means that each student can learn only what their instructor is qualified to teach. If a student wants to learn what his or her instructor is not yet qualified to teach, he or she will need to ask another highter level instructor for instruction.

3.The certificate for each instructor is vaid for one year, it must be renewed yearly.

Qualified Instructors who have been certified by The MaGui Bagua Promotion Centre: