Tendon Changing Classic

はてなブックマーク - Tendon Changing Classic
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Tendon Changing Classic馬貴派八卦掌傳播中心

1) The Author of  Tendon Changing Classic

The historical drawing of grand master Bodhidharma  in the ShaoLin Temple – a memorial stone Carving.

The Grand Master was born in the south part of India. He came to China to spread Buddhism in approximately 520 B.C.,  the time of Northern and Southern Dynasties. He spent 9 years in a cave of the ShaoLin Temple to search the truth of life, and he was the first grand Master of Zen School Teaching of Buddhism.

The Book of The Tendon Changing Classic was written by the Grand Master, so is at least 1500 years old. This book and its theory have influenced almost all aspects of chinese martial arts, including health promotion and many kinds of spiritual cultivation.

Only Grand Master Bodhidharma had the depth of personal cultivation to come to an understanding on the truth of human life.

Also only he who had been with the truth or Dao was able to treat all human beings and all living creatures as his own children, and was able to write down the truth of life.

2) History of the TCC

If one attempts research on the history of chinese martial arts, it is very difficult, because the historical writing includes so much rending,metaphor,even misinformation.

But in other sense, it is quite easy, because as one looks through all kinds of martial arts, you will find that all are researching the truth of life. If one would like to research on the essence of life from all that understanding of martial arts, rarely you could find other things new which has been in TCC.

Most martial arts which have been proved authentic point out that their sources are from TCC. Even those martial arts that do not claim any relation to TCC, if you look at their essence and secrets, you would find out that they are indeed in TCC.

So we can say the TCC laid the foundation for Chinese martial arts theory and principles, from that theory and principles all kinds of chinese martial arts derived from.

As we carefully look through history, that all martial arts are from ShaoLin temple is trustworthy. And we can say that all ShaoLin martial arts arederived from TCC.

To those who wish to improve, regardless of whether they practice an exteral or internal martial art, why not go further to find the sources of that tradition?

3)The Basic Theory of TCC

Buddhism Theory:

In TCC, several words in the biginning state: “Those who have been transformed to Immortal, have to have two basis, one is peaceful and empty state, the other is to rebuild the body”.  It clearly states the reason for and result of the practice. In the section of Marrow washing in TCC, many things talk about how to practice the mind and spirit.

Taoism Theory:

Almost all the principles and theory are from Taoism, the process of learning TCC is the process of learning the Yin-Yang relationship.

Confucianism theory:

As Mencius famously said:” I am good at how to cultivate my awe-inspiring Qi!”  It Emphasizes on Qi and Blood, which is the essence of the theory of TCC.  



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