Function of TCC

はてなブックマーク - Function of TCC
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Function of TCC馬貴派八卦掌傳播中心

 The Function of the TCC:

1,Chang the Qi and Blood

Tendon Changing Trainning is the trainning of the Qi and Blood, all the process result in the changing of the qi and Blood, that changing means the basis of life has been changed. Based on the qi and Blood, other aspects of life could be changed through the Qi and Blood.

2,Change the Tendon and the Bone

The purpose of the TCC is to change the tendon, the way to change the tendon is the way to change the Bone, it results in whole body changing which was used to be called the way of putting off the old one and changing into a new one. Once one could be whole body changed, then the one would not be infected to be sick by evil influence, or blocked inside by  foods, that kind of body used to be called King Kong. The Tendon takes very important role in life, it is the base for life, the foundation of movement, it can high up the spirit, can move the Qi and Blood, so changing tendon is changing life. 

3,Chang the body Shape and the Spirit

The changing of the tendon and bone, as well as the changing of the spirital part which is consist of three as Jing, Qi, and shen, is the changing of the body and spirit. That is the hight level practice.

4,Change the life of the Practitioner

TCC is hight level wisdom,once one gets the way of TCC, the one gets the hightest level of life, it means that the life of that one totally changed. One would be lucky enough that one could know the TCC is hight level wisdom, please keep it in mind.

The most important points in The TCC

The Essence of life is Qi and Blood All the practice bases on the Qi and Blood, all the practice is for imporving the Qi and Blood. If one can improve the Qi and Blood, then all others would naturally be changed.

The definition of the Tendon

The health is based on the tendon, if the tendon of one is strong, then the one is strong, if the tendon of one is weak, then the one is weak. Tendon links the whole body,move the Blood, high up the spirit, lead all movements. Therefor Tendon changing is life changing.

The definition of the Membranes or Mo(which has to be explained)

Membranes is the basis of tendon, it nourishs the tendon. Only through fullfilling the Membranes, the tendon could be trained and changed. The Membranes is just like the bridge linked that one side is Qi and Blood and the other is tendon and bone.

Yin-Yang releated Theory

The principle for TCC is the Yin Yang helping each other principle, through using the strong part to train the weak part, and through the inside power to train outside body, the strong part chenges the weak part, inside part and outside help each other, even the body as weak as sofe mud could be changed as strong as iron.



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